Beatz For Kicks

This will give you a rundown of what our “BEATZ FOR KICKS” Program is. Students will go beyond just listening to music! They will work together as a team to make one original song with each student being assigned a specific job role of Songwriter, Producer, Audio Engineer and Artist. In this program students will explore music from all aspects of Technology, Theory, Sound Design, Production, Songwriting, Singing/Rapping, Audio Engineering and performance in a positive environment. Students will get a hands-on and interactive tour of today’s music industry and creation tools, while building confidence in their skills. By the end of the program students will complete their first recorded original production and then perform that song in front of their peers during our graduation ceremony.

What We Want To Accomplish?
Our goal is to ensure that every student by the end of the program has a basic understanding of how to produce a song from start to finish and knows what it takes to get that song from studio to the stage. Our program will teach them how to produce an instrumental, write a song, along with how to properly record/mix a song from so it is ready for commercial use. We will also teach them what it takes to do a live show and perform their music and all the work that goes into doing a show such as promotions, stage/sound setup.

Throughout the 12 week program students will have 3 fully mixed and mastered singles (one song for each age group) that all students enrolled creatively worked together as a team to create. Those songs will be performed in front of their peers at our graduation ceremony, and as part of the team & character building process we will also be assigning students jobs for the ceremony event when they perform the final mixed and mastered song. Students will also create a flyer for the event that will be used to promote the ceremony.